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Image by Tanner Boriack
Image by Nathana Rebouças

Jenna M.

Courtney Michelle is what we needed right now.  She is breathe of fresh air and speaks for the unspoken women. Respect

Colorful Nails

Hybrid Impact

Shout out to Courtney. Imagine if most bw were like Courtney. Imagine. Courtney is so real with it. We really appreciate her insight and humble nature. Much lovd.

On the Phone

Armondo Cordova

I love Courtney! Thank you for being understanding and at least trying to maintain traditional values

"As a black man I almost shed a tear listening to Courtney. She was speaking nothing but facts. She needs a movement."
                                                                                                          - Cail Santoro
"The more Courtney speaks, the more attractive she becomes. Already beautiful, but her mind and they way she carries her femininity as she speaks is simply breath taking."
                                                                                                        - Corry Worrell
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