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Courtney Michelle is a podcaster, public speaker, and pro-nuclear family.  A highly sought-after podcast host on YouTube with her show "The I Am Courtney Michelle Show".

She serves as a freelance speaker for universities, symposiums, group talks, churches, and women empowerment events.  Often asserting her visions on the future of the black family and being a help-meet for her future husband. 


Currently, Courtney Michelle was previously one of the hosts for the LaPeef Let's Talk podcast on YouTube.  Prior to her appearance on LaPeef Let's Talk, she assisted editors for URB magazine in Los Angeles. Returning to the Music City, she become the editor and freelance writer for the Urban Living Magazine.

Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Courtney Michelle is a Southern girl to her core.  Her Christianity, family, and friends reign supreme the most important in her life.  She enjoys the simplicities of cooking, traveling to new places, and meeting amazing people along the way.

As a graduate of Tennessee State University with a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communications, she embodied the mantra of TSU to THINK. WORK. SERVE.  Courtney Michelle is a supporter of HBCU's across the country. She has always been very vocal in the local Nashville community as well as through social media platforms about the black social reform.

She is also an active member of the National Podcasters Association, Toastmasters International, and the Nashville Branch of the NAACP.

When Courtney Michelle is not working, you can catch her spending quality time with her daughter, traveling, and enjoying local artists and comedians.

Soon, Courtney Michelle will be launching a new apparel line, G.R.I.T.S. (Girls Raised in the South). She hopes to be an inspiration to women of all walks of life, who want to evolve into what womanhood is supposed to be.

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